Owner Testimonials

We pride ourselves on our commitment to all our dogs and to our new owners.
Here are some testimonials from our Kuvasz owners.

From Andrea & Danny Freeman:Previous Kuvasz Puppy for Sale

This spring (2007) we are looking forward to bringing home our 5th Kuvasz from Starhaven Kennel. A chance meeting at a local dog show has blossomed into a 17 year friendship as a result of our interest in this breed and Agi's lifelong passion for it. We appreciate Agi's and Sandor's dedication to quality breeding and their expert guidance. Our lives have been richer for each of the Kuvasz they have introduced to us!

From Lee Rayser:

As owners of 3 Starhaven Kuvasz over the past 20 years, if we had to sum up in one word what we most admire about Agi and Sanyi's breeding philosophy, it would have to be the "soundness" of their puppies. Not only are these dogs beautiful, but more importantly, they are absolutely reliable as far as temperament is concerned. They all have their own personalities, of course, but as a whole, we have found them loyal, intelligent and sweet. Their guarding skills are without equal, yet they are able to discern who is friend and who is foe. We would recommend a puppy from their breeding program without reservation.

From Tammy Boudreau:

Seventeen years ago my husband and I fell in love with our first Kuvasz, Cloud. Cloud was followed by our two children and then three more Kuvasz, all of whom were loyal and beautiful family members. When this generation succumbed to old age, we began looking for another Kuvasz. We found Starhaven Kennels where Agi and Sandor provided us with “Bella” and shortly thereafter, “Quintilius”. In seventeen years of Kuvasz experience, we have never owned such endearing, sound and beautiful dogs. The Starhaven Kuvaszok are truly unique. This is probably because Agi and Sandor are from Hungary and carry the true Hungarian line. If you are looking for a sweet, calm, loving (and yet protective) Kuvasz, look no more. Also, you will have a breeder who will truly answer your calls, talk you through the puppy side of things, and in short, care about your Kuvasz experience. And did I tell you how beautiful these dogs are? Wow!!! We've never owned such outstanding Kuvaszok.

When we have Kuvasz puppies for sale, the connection continues forever.