Leo Owner Testimonials

Watching our Leonberger puppies go to good homes
and becoming close with the new owners is an extraordinary experience.
Here are some testimonials from our Leonberger puppy owners.

From Shannon White (Lionheart Leonbergers) in Virginia:Leo Puppy

I first met Agi and Sandor at a Leonberger show ten years ago and became friends with them over subsequent shows and Leonberger get-togethers. Their dedication to breeding quality dogs with good health and temperament, and their availability to their puppy owners, is exceptional. Agi also willingly shares her knowledge of dog breeding and has mentored many other breeders. This winter I had the privilege of adding a Starhaven Leonberger pup to my household, Starhavens Black Pearl Cap'n (aka Cap'n Jack). And he is a classic example of a Starhaven pup - well socialized, well raised, well bred.

From The Austins in Virginia:

After researching breeders for 2 years, we were thrilled to bring home "Dark Green Boy" (now Starhaven's All I Want For Christmas- Gulliver) from Starhaven's "A" litter in February 2005. Gulliver is a beautiful dog with a wonderful temperament, and a living testament to Agi's and Sandor's dedication and commitment to a quality breeding program. Even at his young age, and with a novice handler, Gulliver has already done well in the show ring. We are pleased that Agi continues to be involved in Gulliver's development, and that we have added not only a new Leo, but two new friends to our "family"! We look forward to obtaining another puppy from Starhaven in the future!

From Linda Mullins Spirio (former LCA president) in Virginia:

I first met Agi and Sean Hejja in 1995 when they had two beautiful Kuvasz. And then in 1998 they obtained their first Leonberger--a son of my dog. In 1999 we relocated to Virginia and are fortunate to live 2+ hours from the Hejja's home. Agi is always willing to share her knowledge or mentor breeders and owners that need the help of her experience. Her ethics are unquestionably the finest you will ever encounter. Agi and Sean have enriched my life and I will always be thankful that a shared interest in breeding for excellence brought us together.

From Sandy Pearsall:

Agi & Sandor have dedicated their life to the happiness and well being of the Leonberger breed. The puppies that they raise are a reflection of the love, attention, and the healthy environment that they offer them. They are the kind of Breeders that we need more of to keep this breed well respected. My dog, Holly, is growing into an amazing dog who is a great companion. Holly has changed my life and that of everyone she meets.

From Julia Brady (Kalahari Leonbergers) in Texas:

I have known Agi and Sandor for over seven years and have had the privilege of visiting them several times. The care and dedication with which their dogs are kept and raised is incomparable. Agi possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in both their breeds that she is very willing to share, and I have been lucky to have her as a mentor. Starhavens Clair de Lune (Luna) is one of the most structurally sound dogs I have had the pleasure of owning, with a wonderful temperament to boot. I would recommend a puppy from Starhaven Kennel without any hesitation whatsoever.